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Candidates tip

Whether you are new to video interviewing or experienced, here are some useful tips so that you can ensure that you perform at your best.

  • Check your tech

• Use the information provided to you: recruiters will be able to give you an overview of the process and how it works.

• Do your research: as with any interview make sure you have understood the role and have relevant knowledge of the business.

• Do a test run in advance: check you know how to work everything, experiment with how you look and sound on camera. The more prepared you are the more relaxed you will be.

• 15 mins beforehand: check your sound and video working. Is your broadband signal reliable? Are your surroundings quiet, and do people know not to disturb you?

• Position your camera at a height and distance so that the camera has a clear view of your face!

• Try not to have too many distractions in the background a neutral background is best.

• Appearance: dress as you would for an interview. This will help you get in the right frame of mind and demonstrate that you are taking the interview seriously.

During the interview
  • Ensuring that you perform at your best

Close down emails and any other programmes and turn off notifications so you can stay focussed during the interview.

Don’t tap your pen or shuffle with paper – this will be picked up by sensitive microphones and distract from what you are saying.

• Speak with a positive tone and look directly into the camera, not just the screen, so it appears you are speaking directly to the interviewer. Smile, and make verbal cues throughout to show you’re actively involved.

Keep a good upright posture to show that you are interested and engaged.

Avoid using a lot of hand gestures – these can lag on screen and create a distraction.

Act naturally – don’t read from notes, be tempted to “perform” or try and put on an unnatural persona.

Answer the questions asked not the questions you wish were asked!

Use examples to demonstrate what you are capable of.

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